Welcome to Dolphin Digital Strategy, a full-service digital marketing company. We specialize in assisting nonprofit organizations.

We help you ride the

Market Waves… and make waves for your organization.

Today’s digital technology environment is fast moving and constantly evolving.

We help you navigate this ocean of data and technology advances so that you can make sound marketing decisions and steer a course that is right for your company.

Whether you like hands-on involvement or prefer to let us design and execute your strategies, we’ll guide you through the process from start to finish.

Our goal? To help turn your organizational goals into a digital marketing plan with concrete deliverables that will result in strengthening your organization.

Who We Are

Dolphin Digital Strategy is a team of professionals with expertise in strategic planning and digital marketing for the nonprofit world. We are based in New York. We pride ourselves on our quick and thoughtful client responsiveness and highest quality customer service.

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Advanced Level Digital Marketing Skills

Reasonable Pricing

Responsive attention to you and your digital marketing strategy

Rapid development and execution of the marketing plan that you approve

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